Cari Lekebusch - News December 2014
WED, 10 DEC 2014

Greetings eminent sisteren/brotheren! 2014 was bigfun, and now 2015 is on the horizon - cant wait to do it all again! Thanx all supporters, guests, promotors, artists and administrators!

See you all for new years in the Netherlands for 2 dates, one in Groeningen and one in Amsterdam.

And there are lots of news in the busch pipeline for 2015. The tour scedule for next year is planning out nicely with the great aid of my agent Michael at Kinetic in Berlin. And after a long line of remixes i will be starting a series of new solo releases in the beginning of the new year. Also my label H-Productions will restart to continues its exclusive vinyl catalog (more info comming soon) as well as keeping up its Beatport catalog, alongsides with some exclusive bandcamp releases.

Below is a nice and spooky mix for december and my latest Beatport hosted chart - Enjoy! *CL

December Newsletter DJ Set

December XMAS Chart 2014

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HPX87 - Chris Colburn - Aggrophobia (H-Productions)
TUE, 30 SEP 2014

Ahoy all Hybrids! Berlin based englander Chris Colburn is back on H-productions with two new tracks. Flaunting out his extraordinary chunky, clunky funk sound like only he would do.

I’ve personally been playing loads of tracks from Chris during the years. The raw, stripped down sound and minimal arrangements are perfect for my style of DJ-ing. Hot tip alert! Check also out his own label Rohmaterial!

With blessings from Stockholm,
Cari Lekebusch


Chris Colburn / Aggrophobia

01. Aggrophobia
02. Monkey Puzzle

YES! OUT NOW! Beatport exclusive:


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Cari Lekebusch - September 2014 news
WED, 27 AUG 2014

Bonjour eminent party people, best of late summer wishes to you all. After returning from a great August tour in Colombia that ended via France - merci! I am really looking forward to the autumn / September start of the club season. From Budapest nach Stuttgart, via Leipzig, Berlin und Groeningen! Zapatos Bailando! Vamos! =D

See YOU @

Aug 29 - A38 Boat, Budapest
Aug 30 - Distillery, Leipzig
Sep 06 - Stattbad, Berlin
Sep 13 - Nazomeren Festival, Groeningen
Sep 27 - Lehman, Stuttgart

This September mix, i recorded especially for the release of my remix for The Yellow Heads, and the upcoming H-Productions HPX87 - Aggrophobia, by Chris Colburn - both coming out 29th of September.


And below you can find my new chart, plus a preview of the remix i made for The Yellow Heads. Peek A Pre =)

September Top10 chart:

New remix by Cari! Out September 29th, 2014:
The Yellow Heads - Chapter 1 - Remixes by Cari Lekebusch and Alex Bau

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HPX86 - Cari Lekebusch - The Jellyfish (H-PRODUCTIONS)
TUE, 29 JUL 2014

Dear partypeople, welcome back to a new H-Productions sound architecture featuring label chief Cari Lekebusch. Two extraordinary A-sides of stripped down, thick and juicy overloaded bass grooves with car alarm type of temporal lead instruments. Coming the 4th of august 2014, exclusive to Beatport.

Below Cari has made a special DJ set in 2 parts containing both the tracks for you to preview in the mix.

This is to be a small taster of what is to come later this year. Cari has been rebuilding the H-Productions HQ studio, and obtained plenty new sound manipulation toys. On the horizon are more analog generated sounds and sequences, as well as an exclusive H-Productions vinyl catalog!


Cari Lekebusch / The Jellyfish 

01. The Jellyfish
02. Opening Doors

Out 4th August 2014 - Beatport exclusive:

Special DJ set in 2 parts (including The Jellyfish and Opening Doors):

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Cari Lekebusch - DJ set - CUBBO Podcast #46
THU, 17 JUL 2014

After a slight delay in scedule, here is my podcast for Cubbo =D /// EZPZ - Cari*


Tracklist (Track/Artist Name) :
Haitian Rum Runner (Tim Xavier Dj Tool Edit mix) - Deepchild
Behind The Piano - Samuel L Session
Sundays In Berlin - Dustin Zahn
Voltage - Ray Kajioka
No Lights (Original Mix) - Kenny B.
The Neverending War - Bryan Chapman
Forgotten Saga - Hans Bouffmyhre
Organ Play - Chris Colburn
Unknown - Unknown Artist
The Archon - Cari Lekebusch
Peafowling - Cari Lekebusch
Gamora (Cari Lekebusch remix) - The Advent
Obsidian - Cari Lekebusch
Snejk - Jesper Dahlback, Cari Lekebusch
Guns For Hire (Nima Khak remix) - Petter B, Nima Khak
Haitian Rum Runner (Tim Xavier Dj Tool Edit mix) - Deepchild

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SLEAZE095 - Cari Lekebusch - Kukulcan EP (Sleaze Recordings UK)
THU, 17 JUL 2014

Cari Lekebusch drops his debut on Sleaze Records in style with this strong 3 tracker! 2014 has been a great year for Cari so far, with impressive releases on H-Productions, GSR, Monique Musique and Drumcode. The Swedish stalwart has been releasing music since the 90's under various different aliases and we're delighted to have him on board.

Out now:

Cari Lekebusch on the web - www.carilekebusch.com 

More about Hans Bouffmyhre's Sleaze recordinsg (UK) - www.sleazerecordsuk.com

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Cari Lekebusch - Newsletter July 2014
MON, 07 JUL 2014

Greetings eminents lifeforms! Hopefully like me, you are enjoying summer (or any other season). Plenty festivals and other musical experiences to enjoy all over Europe and Scandinavia at the moment. So make sure you catch at least one of your favourites out there ;) And here i would ofc like to mention my Colombia tour comming up in the beginning of August (!). Wich reminds me about the, once again, fantastic gigg experience at Berghain, Berlin the other week. They manage to keep on improving it in so many ways - truly an extraordinary example of a venue!

Much news from my side this period (been keeping bizzy), and below you can read and follow up on all my latest releases, charts, mixtapes, tourdates and what-not.

Much blessings to you all - hope to see you out there - luv' *Cari


Cari - July 2014 DJ set:


Cari - Beatport TOP10 Chart - July 2014:

Cari - Top10 Summer 2014 chart - July 2014:


Cari Lekebusch - upcomming tourdates:
19 July - Pathfinder outdoor festival - Zutphen - The Netherlands
01 Aug - Soma club - Bogota - Colombia
02 Aug - Eliptica club - Cali - Colombia
06 Aug - Paradise club - Pereira - Colombia
09 Aug - GMID arena - Medellin - Colombia
14 Aug - Let's go Techno Open air - Montpelliere - France


Cari Lekebusch - Kukulcan - Sleaze rec (UK)

New 3 track ep i made for my buddy Hans Bouffmyhre's label Sleaze Rec. (UK).

Out now!

H.I.D - The Installer (Cari Lekebusch remix)

New remix i made for Organism.

Beatport exclusive out now =)

Zoe Xenia, Cari Lekebusch - Fly - Tulipa Records

Cari Lekebusch & Zoe Xenia are two luminaries that enter the gardens at Tulipa with their hypnotic masterpiece Fly. Both Cari and Zoe create their own versions that fuse together to birth a singular vibe strong enough to melt dance floor glaciers into puddles of putrid sweat. Spektre, Dapayk, and Egbert extract the parts from Fly's original form and experiment. The result is three new rockets that fume noxious chemicals capable of redefining auditory boundaries. Leniency is a one-way street. Symbolically tossing a flashlight across the pavement. Scrapes. Waters rising fast with no escape. Toned and determined. A hemisphere full of wispy medallions. Nature found her way up the creek. Oceans do not tremble. The lonely girl rattled against the grain. A song for the shade. Keep me nearby. Isolated dreams of a time that was simple and steady. Under the covers. Bleed near the road and the women will meet you. Trembling. 2014 Tulipa Recordings http://www.tuliparecordings.com Artwork by Justin Chodzko Words by Summer (Brendon Collins)

Jason Fernandes - I Am Here (Cari Lekebusch remix) - Subfigure

Jason Fernandes has featured on Lekebusch's infamous H-Productions platform with big tracks such as Get Up (a collboration with The Advent), Heatseeker & Feel In Control. Cari Lekebusch now features on Fernandes's Subfigure label with this remix of Jason Fernandes's I Am Here, which was released last year.

Kramnik - Flex (Cari Lekebusch remix) - Kram records

Kram Records now present an apt prelude with the release of Dark Matters Remixes Vol 3. This volume with the stellar trio of remixes Cari Lekebusch, Alexi Delano and Monika Kruse. Swedish techno stalwart Cari Lekebusch is up first, delivering an uncompromising, dancefloor focused reinterpretation of Flex. From the thunderous opening of the kick drum until the very end, this remix is as relentless as it is intoxicating. Sucking the listener into its eerie, mechanic underworld, the track retains all the energy and drive to hold the heaviest of warehouses long into Sunday morning. Alexi Delano runs the intriguing line between slinky, minimalism and dark, brooding techno with his stripped back version of Harmuk. There's a wonderful subtlety to his rework, injecting the original with a warmer, more melodic sentiment whilst keeping plenty of power and richness in the bottom end. It's a brilliantly unique remix that manages to take Kramnik's work into yet another completely different direction. Electric Avenue and Terminal M boss Monika Kruse is the last to add her touches to Kramnik, turning Schrizo into a rolling strut with plenty of personality. The addictive groove and cut-up vocal FX make this a perfect afterparty jaunt that will keep parties alive in any situation.

G-Tech and C-Blast - Floatation Device (album)

Floatation Device is an album exploration through TR-808 beats and futuristic spoken rhymes by G-Tech (George Rontiris) and C-Blast (Cari Lekebusch). Conceived and written simply for the love of creating something different for the fans and music heads. An essential aspect of their decade long legacy has been the variety that Cari and George have brought to their music. The project is a creative expression that gives chance for musical themes to be expanded and evolved beyond their boundary.

Floatation Device is presented here as an open access release, with the full 13-track album available to your own choice(s).

Upcomming the second week of august:

Cari Lekebusch - The Jellyfish (2 track ep)
H-Productions (HPX86)

My upcomming two fresh new tracks for my own label H-Productions, in the pipeline for around august 4th. Watch this space please ;)

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HPX85 - Petter B - Legend In your Own Mind (H-PRODUCTIONS)
MON, 23 JUN 2014

Trax alert! Petter B is back on H-Productions, after his last release HPX75 Guns For hire. This time bringing a great combo of 3 tracks containing both powerful rhythm patterns and melodic build ups. After many active years of touring and with countless releases on many different top labels like Drumcode, Sway, Hz trax, and his own label Bond, Petter only needs to be introduced to newcomers of Techno.

The style that Petter B brings with these 3 tracks fits perfectly into the agenda of H-Productions. Focusing on streamlined concepts that are mainly aimed at DJs.

=D enjoy! - Cari Lekebusch at the H-Productions HQ, Stockholm, Sweden.


Petter B / Legend In Your Own Mind

01. Legend In Your Own Mind
02. Imitate
03. Intimidate

Out now digital:

Soundcloud audio samples:

More Petter B:

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[LEMU2014FD] / G-TECH & C-BLAST / Floatation Device (free album)
THU, 19 JUN 2014

Floatation Device is an album exploration through TR-808 beats and futuristic spoken rhymes by G-Tech (George Rontiris) and C-Blast (Cari Lekebusch). Conceived and written simply for the love of creating something different for the fans and music heads. An essential aspect of their decade long legacy has been the variety that Cari and George have brought to their music. The project is a creative expression that gives chance for musical themes to be expanded and evolved beyond their boundary.

Floatation Device is presented here as an open access release, with the full 13-track album available to your own choice(s): http://www.lekebuschmusik.se/floatationdevice/

Download for free (hosted by soundcloud)
Buy / support via our Bandcamp.com
And or in exchange for a donation via PayPal (adress below)

In addition to the music, the album artwork can be downloaded in various screensaver formats for your computer, smart phone or tablet - image links http://www.lekebuschmusik.se/floatationdevice/

There is also a limited special give-away audio-CD and USB bracelet that will be handed out at various tourdates and events. You can also win the CD, USB bracelet and T-Shirt by commenting the tracks on the album's soundcloud page - all info at http://www.lekebuschmusik.se/floatationdevice/

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Cari Lekebusch - June 2014 update
WED, 11 JUN 2014

Summer greetings all and all =D Fresh out the oven - OUT NOW - on my friend Adam Beyer's label Drumcode. An exclusive track by me called "Fire Alarm". Check out the whole A-Sides series - packed with ESSENTIALS!


More Drumcodes at http://www.drumcode.se


And here we have a special project that im doodling on with my friend Zoe Xenia. Just out on Monique Musique - a track called Crazy - me and Zoe did one mix each just because we can ;)

Beatport exclusive:

More - Monique Musique: http://www.residentadvisor.net/record-label.aspx?id=1833


And not to forget! Lets top that of with a fresh chart for June 2014 - peep it at Beatport:

best summer start wishes from Stockholm, Cari *


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